Learning health literacy in a playful way

Game Information

Last updated at 02/19/2024, 3:21 PM


  • VitaQuiz
    • Learning health literacy in a playful way


  • Prevention Game
    Competencies sustainable improve
  • Educational Game
    Knowledge of player easy measure
  • Prevention Game
    Decisions of player sustainable influence
  • Educational Game
    Knowledge of player sustainable improve


Take a health quiz and measure your knowledge! VitaQuiz currently offers you more than 1,500 health-related questions (health, nutrition, patient rights, medication, emergencies, prevention, basic knowledge) and is updated daily. You can measure your knowledge against others in matches, use the radar to visit health-related facilities (doctors, pharmacies, clinics) in the real world and play extra questions and use the scanner to obtain additional knowledge about each medication or scan new knowledge modules. And with the VitaQuiz currency Quizzel, which you earn, you can upgrade your 3D avatar in the shop or get jokers and new quiz packs (including non-medical ones!). VitaQuiz can be played in between (e.g. during waiting times) and noticeably and measurably improves your health knowledge. And the longer you use it, the more competent you become.


  • Other
  • Exergames
  • Quiz

Game Mode

  • Single player
  • Quiz

Play Time

  • Session: min. 2 min/day, playing time: months


  • 2.0 | complete

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Intended Effects

  • Improve health literacy (general and occasion-related), impart health knowledge (evidence-based), exercise (promote navigational health literacy), promote digital health literacy

Therapy Training Program Principles

  • Quiz-based, evidence-based, creating awareness of one's own knowledge and improving it through repetition