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Newly registered serious games in SG-IC

Programming Cobots in VR Demo

Environment in which the handling of cobots can be practised in small tasks in VR and also as a desktop application.


Learning health literacy in a playful way

Take a health quiz and measure your knowledge! VitaQuiz currently offers you more than 1,500 health-related questions (health, nutrition, patient rights, medication, emergencies, prevention, basic knowledge) and is updated daily. You can measure your knowledge against others in matches, use the radar to visit health-related facilities (doctors, pharmacies, clinics) in the real world and play extra questions and use the scanner to obtain additional knowledge about each medication or scan new knowledge modules. And with the VitaQuiz currency Quizzel, which you earn, you can upgrade your 3D avatar in the shop or get jokers and new quiz packs (including non-medical ones!). VitaQuiz can be played in between (e.g. during waiting times) and noticeably and measurably improves your health knowledge. And the longer you use it, the more competent you become.

Silver Lifetime

The game that inspires you with cheeky questions to make your retirement fulfilling.

Who among us can will start his/her own company after retirement, help children with their homework or fall off a camel in the Sahara desert? Whether at the family table, in a sports club or at a neighbourhood festival: Silver Lifetime is an inspiring and entertaining game with 175 funny and surprising questions about ideas and opportunities after retirement. In a game round of 2-8 players, the questions are read aloud, categorized into adventurous, entrepreneurial, committed, relaxing and active inspiration. Then all players carry out a self-assessment with a YES/NO-platelet and point with their arrow-platelet to the person to whom they think the question applies best (third-party assessment). With a correct assessment (arrow points to YES), an empathy point is collected for the group. After the empathy points have been awarded, the group discusses how the players have come to their respective assessments, and arrows may also be redirected to the input of the players. If everyone is satisfied with their ranking, each player notes as many strokes in the activity profile of the active question as arrows pointed at him/her. At the end of the game, each player is evaluated for their individual activity profile with tips and recommendations for further inspiration. In addition to the 125 inspirational questions, there are also 50 reflection-cards. Reflection questions only involve a self-assessment. They contain reflective questions about health, sleep, nutrition, fitness, friends, attitude to life and mindfulness (characteristics from the Blue Zones, i.e. regions of the world where people age healthily and have a high life expectancy). Goal of the reflexion-cards is to encourage self-reflection and invite people to exchange thoughts, fears and views.

Jeannes Reise

A serious game about Haiti

Accompany Jeanne on her journey to Haiti! Thematically, the video game deals with (post-)colonial structures and the associated emergence of the Restavèk system in Haiti. The free-to-play graphic novel game aims to promote non-European perspectives, critically scrutinise the European perspective and highlight the connections between global power structures and persistent grievances. The accompanying skills pack for teachers is also available free of charge and includes classification in the framework curriculum, ideas for integration into lessons, introduction and debriefing.

emergenCITY - eHUBgaming

eHUBgaming is associated to the field of Disaster Risk Management (DRM). As a means of knowledge transfer, it intends to prepare the population for a blackout. Designed as a point&click adventure, the player steps into the role of a resident who is confronted with the occurrence of a three-day power failure. Now the player must get by with limited energy without neglecting his or her basic needs. In parallel, events take place that call for the players attention. The learning goals refer to what the consequences of a blackout are and how to prepare and cope with a blackout. eHUBgaming is intended to be distributed by civil protection stakeholders to any citizen who takes concern in preparedness and coping, thus leveraging community resilience. It is developed in the LOEWE center emergenCITY as part of the cross-sectional mission eHUB, a demonstrator building which is also the setting of the game.

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